Recommendations are lists of topics and/or pages for which you should consider creating new content or updating existing pages. Review the items to determine which ones best match your goals. These lists are grouped into the following categories:

  • Optimize Pages — These pages require optimization and appear on these lists based on rank, traffic, or authority.

Learn more about Optimize Pages recommendations.

  • Create Briefs — Opportunities in this category require creating new content. Items appear in these lists based on rank, Personalized Difficulty, and Topic Authority.

Learn more about Create Briefs recommendations.

  • Prioritize Topics — Opportunities in this category are a mix of new content creation and existing page optimization. Items appear in these lists due to Rank, Personalized Difficulty, Topic Authority, traffic, and search volume.

Learn more about Prioritize Topics recommendations.

Learn more about Assess Clusters recommendations.

  • Assess Cluster — Ideal for finding opportunities based on position in the marketing funnel (top, middle, bottom). Items appear in these lists based on whether they contain specific terms.
Updated on June 11, 2024

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