Managed Briefs

Managed Briefs are a Premium Only optional service that MarketMuse provides to its users. With a Managed Brief our team of content creation experts are directed by you in order to produce the highest quality content guidance available.

Ordering a managed brief is similar to ordering a self-serve brief with a few notable differences, listed below. If you’d like a refresher on how to order briefs, please click here. If you’d like a comparison of Managed and Self-Serve briefs, please click here.

  1. The cost of Managed Briefs is 4 credits instead of 0 for Self-Serve
  2. Time to complete is longer

Ordering Managed Briefs

Make sure the Managed box is ticked if you’re looking to go the managed route. You’ll notice the credit price increases.

image 20

After ordering, the brief will enter the Processing stage.

image 21
A Managed Brief in Stage 2: Processing

In a few days, your brief will be delivered. You or your account manager should receive an email letting you know that your brief is complete.

image 22
When complete, your Managed Brief will appear in the the Brief Ready section.
Updated on December 21, 2022

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