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MarketMuse Keyword Volume Data vs Popular Keyword Research Tools

MarketMuse uses Google data for its search volume data. 

It’s important to remember that search volume data from any source, including Google, is an estimation, not an exact measurement. While Google might have the most direct access to their own search data, they don’t publicly share specific search volume information for various reasons, including protecting user privacy and preventing manipulation of their search results.

Some keyword tools acquire data from various third-party providers who collect information on search engine results pages (SERPs). They often use anonymized and aggregated clickstream data to refine search volume estimations. They may also use machine learning algorithms to analyze the collected data and calculate search volume estimates based on complex models and historical trends.

However, using clickstream data has its challenges:

  • Inaccuracy: Estimates based on clickstream data, like website traffic or keyword search volume, can be inaccurate. Factors like user privacy settings, ad blockers, and changes in search engine algorithms can affect the data’s reliability.
  • Bias: Clickstream data can be biased based on the source and sampling methods used. If the data primarily comes from specific demographics or geographic locations, it might not accurately represent the broader population.

On a positive note, these keyword tools seem to capture a wider range of keywords, particularly those with lower search volume. They may also update their data more often than Google.

However, their volume estimates might be less accurate compared to Google’s data as they rely on estimations from clickstream data and other sources.

Updated on February 26, 2024

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