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Adding Items to Inventory

Topics and pages (URLs) can be added to inventory either individually or in bulk by importing a correctly formatted CSV file.

Uploading Individual Items

Press Add to inventory in the top action bar on the right-hand side. Add to inventory 0TI

Then add your topic and/or page URL.

Adding inventory xxw 1

Click Add another row to add more items. add another row

Click Finish when you’re done. finish

Uploading Multiple Items Using a CSV File

Click Upload CSV Upload CSV op0to open a dialogue box where you can upload a CSV file of items and download an example template named exampleTemplate.csv.

Example template CSV file

Follow the example above to create your own spreadsheet containing all the items you wish to import into MarketMuse. Make sure to save it as a CSV file so it may be imported into the platform.

Note that headers must be in ALL CAPS and there is a maximum of 500 rows per CSV file. More than that and you’ll need to use another file.

Metrics associated with these newly uploaded topics are not updated instantaneously and require some time to calculate. The time required is based on the number of items uploaded and the size of your inventory.

Using Research to Find New Topics

Using research, you can discover additional topics to add to your inventory.

Enter a topic into Research and press run

Research app

Click on the checkbox beside one or more topics you would like to add to inventory. 

Click on the row to check the variants (if variants > 0). Click on the checkbox beside any suitable variants.

Click outside the variants pop-up.

Click Add to inventory. Add to inventory 0TI

Updated on July 21, 2021

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