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Working With Views

This document shows how to work with Views using one of the MarketMuse templates. You can create multiple Views for any Inventory type (All, Pages, Topic) or any Project type (All Projects, Plans, Briefs, Saved Writing). A view comprises:

  • Any filters
  • Table configuration (which columns of data are displayed and their order from left to right)
  • The sorting of the list on any column of data

Each view has a name – you can see which one is active by looking at the top of the screen, underneath the search bar.

The view automatically saves any changes made to the filters, table configuration, or sorting.

Changing The View

Click on the name of the view to open a list of those available for that inventory or project. Select one from the list to make it the current view.

image 2

Creating a New View

Press the Create New View button to create a new view. Choose from one of the available templates or select Blank Slate if you want to see all the data columns without any filters or sorting.

Select one of the templates – a copy is made and it becomes the current view. You can make any change you want to this view, including tables, filtering, and sorting. 

Blank slate open up a view with all the data points available

image 1

Changing the Name of a View

Click on the ellipsis (the three vertical dots) beside the current view name to open a menu where you can rename the view among other options.

view contextual menu

For further reading, please select one of the articles below:

Read Inventory And Customizing Views for details on configuring a view.

Read Creating and Using Filters for details on how to create complex filters.

Updated on December 21, 2022

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