Views Overview

What is a view?

A view is used to create a shortlist of opportunities for creating new content or updating existing pages. A view allows you to control:

  • Which columns of data are displayed.
  • Which rows of data are displayed.
  • Which column, if any, the data is sorted by.

A view can be saved for later recall, which is ideal for creating repeatable workflows. There are several templates to choose from when creating a new view — they’ll get you started quickly.

📖 How to Change a View

📖 How to Share a View

📖 How to Duplicate a View

📖 How to Edit a View’s Description

📖 How to Rename a View

📖 How to Delete a View

📖 How to Create a New View

Customizing a View

You can customize both new and existing views by changing which rows get displayed, which columns get displayed and which column (if any) is used to sort the table.

📖 How to Sort a Column

📖 How to Configure a Table

📖 How to Create a Filter

Updated on January 31, 2024

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