Filters control which topics and pages appear in the inventory display. By limiting the number of items visible, it makes the inventory list more actionable.

You can search on virtually any column available in any inventory view (all, pages, column) with the exception of seasonality as it’s a graph.

Note that you can filter a column that is not visible.

Filters can also be saved for re-use at a later time.

If you change an item in the list, upon which the filter depends, clear the filter and then Apply it to see the updated list.

For example, if you filter on Assignee equals John Doe and you change an Assignee in one of the rows to Mary Jane, it won’t automatically disappear. You need to apply the filter to update the list and remove that row.

The Dashboard contains numerous filters that you can use for inspiration in constructing your own.

Updated on July 13, 2021

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