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Research Application Overview


Enter any topic into Research to better understand how to cover a topic, both at the page level and site level. 

Topic Navigator – Topic Model

User the topic model and variants to understand the buyer journey and how people search for that subject. 

Topic Navigator – Keywords

MarketMuse returns up to 1,000 keywords related to the subject you’re researching. It’s the same as you would get from any keyword research tool.

Topic Navigator – Questions

MarketMuse returns up to 100 questions related tot he subject you’re researching. Use this to determine which ones should be answered in your article. 

Topic Navigator – Reflect

This tab shows all the concepts related to the subject, that your site covers. Use this to create a prioritized short list of pages to optimize and new content to create based personalized metrics to give you a competitive advantage.


Gives you insight into the structure and nature of the top-performing content for your subject.


Competitive content analysis of the SERP or any other website. Also use this to understand what content you’ve got on your website that addresses a specific topic.


Get linking recommendations to help create clusters with a strong thematic unity.

Learn More

📖 Getting Started With Keyword and Cluster Research

📖 Getting Started With Researching an Individual Topic

📖 Getting Started With Competitive Content Analysis

📖 Getting Started With Researching an Individual Topic

Updated on February 1, 2024

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