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Optimize Application Overview

Optimization Application overview.

Give Optimize a topic and it will generate a topic model, the same as it does in all the other applications.

A few things to keep in mind when optimizing content.

  • To be clear, mentioning a term a specific number of times on a page (keyword density) will not improve your ranking. Instead, use it to guide your topical coverage.
  • You don’t need to incorporate all the topics in your content. But you should have enough coverage to reach the Target Content Score.
  • Each mention of a topic is worth one point (up to a maximum of two points per topic).
  • Consider the Target Content Score as a minimum objective. The more comprehensively you can address a topic the better.
  • Aim to stick within a reasonable range of the Target Word Count as this encourages you to write concisely.
  • Depending on your settings, mentions will appear either as banded ranges (as seen above) or exact figures.

MarketMuse may highlight words in the text editor using any one of these colors.

  • Green if a term appears in the Topic Model.
  • Yellow if it’s a variation of a term in the Topic Model.

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Updated on January 31, 2024

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