Optimize Your Content with MarketMuse Optimize

This article explains how to use MarketMuse Optimize to create and optimize content that ranks well in search engines.

What is MarketMuse Optimize?

MarketMuse Optimize is a tool that helps you write, review, and optimize your content based on a comprehensive topic model. You can use it to create new content or optimize existing pages.

How to Use MarketMuse Optimize

  1. Enter Your Topic: Start by entering the topic you want to write about. You can also enter the URL of an existing page to optimize it.
  2. Run the Analysis: Click “Run” and MarketMuse will analyze relevant web documents to create a topic model.
  3. Content Score and Word Count: The “Results” area shows your content score (how well your content covers the relevant topics) and word count compared to the average and target scores/counts for top-ranking content.
  4. Topic Model: The “Research” tab displays the topic model, which includes all the relevant subtopics for your chosen topic.
    • Color Coding: The model uses color coding to show how often you’ve mentioned each topic in your content (instead of exact numbers). Aim to match the colors in the “Recommended Mentions” column for optimal coverage.
    • Variants: Mouse over topics with an arrow that turns into a hand to see suggested variations of the topic you can incorporate.
  5. Competitor Analysis: The “Compete” tab shows the top 20 ranking URLs for your topic, along with their content score and word count. Click on a row to see a head-to-head comparison of your content’s use of the recommended terms compared to that competitor.
  6. Optimize Your Writing:
    • You can write directly in the Optimize editor or copy and paste existing content.
    • Use the color coding and recommended mentions in the topic model as a guide to ensure your content covers all the important aspects of the subject.
    • Aim to stay within a ±10% range of the target word count for concise yet comprehensive coverage.
    • Consider the Target Content Score as the minimum you should achieve.

Benefits of Using MarketMuse Optimize

  • Create data-driven content: Optimize helps you ensure your content covers the topics that search engines consider important for ranking.
  • Improve your content score: The content score provides a clear metric to track your progress towards a well-optimized piece of content.
  • Optimize existing content: Use Optimize to identify gaps and areas for improvement in your existing content.
  • See how you compare to competitors: Analyze how your content stacks up against top-ranking competitors.

By following these steps and using MarketMuse Optimize’s features, you can create content that is well-optimized for search engines and more likely to rank well.

Updated on June 11, 2024

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