SERP X-Ray Tips

When an optional URL is included the SERP Stats box compares Your Page vs. SERP Stats. 

The data is presented in the form of “your-page / SERP-average”. 

You vs SERP
The first number is your page and the second represents the SERP.

If you’re at or above the average for a particular metric, the numbers appear green. Otherwise they’re red (with the exception of Intent which is always gray).

Sometimes MarketMuse doesn’t show averages:

  • For videos we determine whether a predominant number of the top 20 results include at least one video.
  • For intent we determine which is the predominant one.
  • For Content Score and Word Count we use the target values.
SERP X Ray URL click
Click to zoom.

Click on any URL to open that page in a new browser tab.

Updated on January 13, 2023

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