Ranking data that’s found in All/Pages/Topic Inventory is historical. It’s updated on a regular basis according to your agreement with MarketMuse — typically that’s monthly but it could be less frequent. Think of this as the Warren Buffet of content.

Ranking data found in the applications, however, is live — it’s like day trading stocks. In the short term, rankings are more likely to fluctuate, and you should be aware of the difference.

In All Inventory, Rank shows the rank of the corresponding topic/URL combination. The number on the left shows ranking at the previous update while the number on the right shows the ranking at the most recent update.


An arrow will point up/down/sideways to reflect the change and in addition will be colored green/red/gray. NR stands for not ranking.

Pages Inventory has Rank Range because one page can rank for many different topics and gets its data from the most recent update.

Topics Inventory shows Best Rank because multiple pages can rank for the same topic — so we show the rank of the highest ranking page.

Updated on August 1, 2023

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