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Heatmap Does Not Show That My Page Ranks

If you believe your page ranks in the Top 20 for a specific topic but don’t see it in Heatmap, here are some things to consider.

Make sure you’re looking at SERP data for the same country.

The field for entering your focus topic in Research has a small flag beside it for changing the country that SERP result get pulled from.

Research topic field

Rankings can change.

When comparing the rank you see in Inventory against what you see in Heatmap, remember that Inventory update frequency depends on your contract. Typically it occurs monthly, sometimes quarterly, or even never (if it’s a snapshot) whereas Heatmap looks at the current SERP (although we may cache it short term for performance enhancement).

Your page may have an indented rank

Heatmap does not display Pages in the SERP that are indented — that’s more like a SERP feature.

Indented ranking
An Example of indented ranking.

This occurs when you have more than one page ranking for the same term (one appears below the other in the SERP). We’ll pick up the first page and give it a position value, but the next one doesn’t get any credit.

Updated on January 26, 2024

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