Filters help manage long lists of data that you may encounter when researching a topic. They are especially helpful when exporting data because you can remove whatever you don’t want prior to export. That creates a more efficient and cleaner process.

Filters are available in both Topic Navigator and SERP X-Ray and are vary according to the data onscreen. Filters operate independently in each Topic Navigator tab (Topic Model, Keywords, Questions, Reflect).

Some things you can do with filters:

  • Include terms (all or any words in your list)
  • Exclude terms
  • Filter on volume, cost-per-click, mentions (minimum and maximum)
  • Filter on rank Personalized Difficulty, and Topical Authority (minimum and maximum)
  • Filter on specific sites in SERP X-Ray (ideal when the SERP is showing multiple intents)
Updated on January 10, 2023

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