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Update January 2023

This update to the MarketMuse platform drastically expands the functionality of Heatmap and introduces a new application, SERP X-Ray.

Our Heatmap is on fire!

With this update you can analyze the topic cluster of any website, not just your SERP competitors. This changes everything.

Now you can dig down deep to see what content your SERP competitors have built out on their own site. It’s the same heat map, so you’ll see the content score of each page, along with its topical coverage. Competitive content analysis has never been this easy. 

Lastly, we’ve made it easier to find gaps in topic coverage. Prior to this update, Heatmap only displayed topics in order of relevance. Now you have choices — you can order by:

  • Gaps — to quickly find your SERP competitors’ weaknesses.
  • Must Haves — to make sure you don’t miss out on anything and end up looking like a novice instead of an expert.
Updated on January 16, 2023

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