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February 12, 2021

Release Notes MarketMuse 2.5

What’s New?

  • New sidebar navigation
    • All settings are accessed by clicking your account name at the top of the dark grey navigation.
    • Credit purchasing and available for certain account types through clicking your credit count next to the yellow credit “C”, beside the account name.
    • A new section under Inventory called All, that displays all page and topic relationships to allow you to hone in on specific projects.
    • New sections for Briefs, Plans, MarketMuse NLG Technology, and Saved Writing. These areas will show all stored items with any activity in their respective areas. Briefs, Plans, and MarketMuse NLG Technology links will slide over the navigation to allow you to further filter your list of related items.
  • Inventory features
    • Use the Configure Table button over your various table views to arrange, hide, and pin columns in an order of your choosing. These views save automatically per user, per area.
    • Stack filters of the same or different types, using multiple includes and excludes on the same data type is now supported! Save your favorite filters by clicking the disc icon.
    • Add items to your inventory through the button at the top right of all table views and mark whether you would like to add them to plans, order Briefs, or MarketMuse NLG Technology on any of the items in your list. You can also upload a properly formatted CSV for bulk additions!
    • Content operations fields are now available. Add assignees, set due dates, and mark work as published (with a date)!
    • New data points, such as rank change since we last processed your inventory, search intent, estimated value and traffic, and how they’ve changed month to month.
    • Brief and MarketMuse NLG Technology status’ now visible in inventory views.
    • Right-click inventory items for a batch of quick actions to help speed up your content workflow.
  • Details view
    • Get your planning features and all of your data around pages and topics in one easy interface. Details views have reflexive navigation that adjusts to the available information and allows you to dive deeply into the strategy around a particular content asset.
    • Write, save your writing, manage your briefs, and get your MarketMuse NLG Technology all in the same place we keep your valuable MarketMuse data.
  • Saved Writing
    • Save writing from Optimize and store it in your Saved Writing area, or write directly from your inventory for automatic saving.
  • MarketMuse NLG Technology
    • Upgrade your writing process with Natural Language Generated content that follows your Content Brief guidance. Written text is provided within ~24 hours and is available directly next to any Saved Writing under Content on the applicable Details Page.
    • Use the Optimize workflow with your MarketMuse NLG Technology by clicking parts of the draft you like and having them import directly into your text for automated scoring!

Some Intent fields will remain empty. This means we either do not have historical SERP information on that topic or there is no ranking data for it.

New to this release; we calculate the change for certain data points month-over-month. Lack of historical data will affect its display. That will resolve itself the following month as we accumulate that data.

Updated on May 4, 2022

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