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Pricing and Packaging Update 8/31/2021

The tables below represent a before and after view of all of the changes to previous MarketMuse plans.

What else came with this release that’s not outlined in the packages? Read about some of the exciting fixes and upgrades that slid into this release below:

  • You now have the ability to delete a plan in platform.
  • You can create plans from the inline-adder (Add to Inventory) instead of only being able to select pre-existing plans.
  • Fresh new visuals for empty results on inventory for both “no results” and “no projects”.
  • Research distribution visuals now match the nicer graphical style of the distribution boxes in Optimize. We are now consistent in this visualization throughout the platform.
  • Fixes were made around our coupon logic to avoid confusion for customers and make sure our pricing is always reflected correctly.
  • Many small fixes were made around adding items to inventory to make it more pleasant and reliable.
  • Now when ordering a Brief on an item where a Brief already exists the user will have an option to confirm the reorder or dismiss it from their ordering list so as not to create accidentally duplicates.
  • It is now possible to cancel a Brief in the context menu (right click on the table row) when it is in the status of Create Sections.
  • Optimize editor now supports <H> tags up to H6.
Updated on December 1, 2021

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