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What is Content Score?

Content Score measures a particular page’s topical coverage against the MarketMuse topic model for a given subject. 

A higher score indicates better coverage, but there is no perfect score. Instead, Content Score is evaluated relative to the competition. 

Content Score has a range from 0 to a maximum value of 100. One point is awarded for every mention of a topic, up to a maximum of two points per topic (50 topics in the list * 2 points per topic = 100).

As you create new content or update an existing page within the Optimize application, you’ll see your Content Score increase as you mention more topics.

content score counter 2Q0

Target Content Score is the recommended minimum score for which you should aim.

MarketMuse content scoring only detects mentions of a topic, but you’ll obviously need a proper narrative to support those related topic mentions. Use a grammar checker to ensure your text is clear and easy-to-understand.

Why MarketMuse Uses Numbers Instead of Letter Grades

Scoring content numerically (0 to 100) provides greater insight, better feedback, and is more transparent than using letter grades (A+ through F-). A numerical Content Score is much more granular than letter grades. For example, the numerical score would need to change by five points before you saw a change in the letter grade.

Updated on January 30, 2023

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