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How MarketMuse Counts Links

MarketMuse only considers contextual links when counting the number of links, either internal or external, on a page.

That’s because, to benefit most from SEO, there needs to be enough text surrounding a link to provide adequate context. That frame of reference is critical in helping search engines understand the significance of the link and, in turn, attribute sufficient value.

MarketMuse is very conservative in determining whether or not an internal link is contextual.

Pages typically don’t have enough text to establish a proper contextual relationship. Those blocks are frequently interrupted by images or other non-textual information. Keep this in mind when using a Saved View that relies on the number of internal links or when examining a page in SERP X-Ray.

Blog posts, on the other hand, are text-heavy so there’s usually enough to provide adequate context. Even then, you need to make sure the link is embedded within a sufficiently long, typically around 200-word, paragraph.

example of non contextual link

In this example, the link stands alone in a paragraph with too little text. Plus, the paragraph that immediately follows the link is just one sentence long.

Updated on September 12, 2023

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