What is a snapshot?

A snapshot captures all the information from an application (Research, Compete, Questions, Connect, Optimize) and saves that information. Depending on the application, the information consists of:

  • the focus topic entered
  • related topics
  • suggested distribution
  • variants
  • questions
  • suggested links

You don’t need to take snapshots as they recorded automatically. 

To access the list of snapshots click the camera icon located in the upper right corner of any application.

Snapshot icon

Select an entry from the list to load the snapshot.

Snapshot list HH0

There is no limit to the number of snapshots and they are held indefinitely. Using a Snapshot does not cost a query (ideal for those on self-serve plans with a monthly query cap).

Just like a snapshot, it’s a moment frozen in time. So if you want up-to-date data, you will need to run another query.

Note that a snapshot does not preserve text entered into the Optimize text editor.

Updated on July 14, 2021

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