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Heatmap – Filtering Website Sections

heatmap filter

When using heatmap for site-level content analysis, you can target it towards specific sections of a website through the use of filters. These filters work by excluding specific sections of a website.

That can be in the form of a subdomain (e.g. blog.marketmuse.com) or a directory. For example, in https://www.marketmuse.com/lp/deconstructing-googles-helpful-content-update/ /lp/ is a directory.

Smaller sites have simpler needs and often the URL will be composed of just the domain and the post name, like this: https://blog.marketmuse.com/building-topic-clusters-with-marketmuse/

In a situation like that there is no section to filter (although you could filter out the blog subdomain.) But anything beyond the domain-name/article-name format means there’s a section that can be filtered. 

Sometimes, legacy issues can cause some interesting URL structures. Notice in the gif above that the section of the website being excluded is https://www.bhg.com/gardening/vegetable/vegetables/ (it’s not a spelling mistake). Mousing over the URLs, you can verify that the pages returned aren’t contained in that particular section.

If you’re exploring a subdomain (e.g. blog.marketmuse.com) and you exclude the main domain (marketmuse.com), you will get no results.

The directory you’re excluding needs to exist within the structure you’re exploring (e.g. if you’re mapping blog.marketmuse.com you can’t exclude https://www.marketmuse.com/content-briefs/ because it’s not contained within the blog subdomain).

Updated on January 10, 2023

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