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Using Heatmap for Site-Level Content Analysis

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You can use Heatmap to evaluate content quality at the site-level as well as the search engine results page (SERP).

After entering in a topic to research, go to heatmap and change the setting from SERP to Website. Enter the name of the domain and MarketMuse will create a heatmap of that site’s topical coverage.

A list of URL’s covering the topic appear across the top, along with their Content Score. Down the left side are the list of semantically related topics (generated by MarketMuse patented topic modeling technology). 

The colored squares indicate how frequently the topic is mentioned on the respective page. 

  • Red = 0 mentions.
  • Yellow = 1 to 2 mentions.
  • Green = 3 to 10 mentions.
  • Blue = 10+ mentions.

Look at a row to see how well a topic is covered across the pages. Look down a column to see how well that page covers all the topics.

You can change the order of the topics as well. Sorting by Gaps is very effective in quickly determining a competitor’s weak points.

Updated on January 4, 2023

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