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From Reflect to Plans

Reflect shows you how well you cover a topic. With that insight, you can prioritize what pages to update, what content to create, and then plan your work.

  1. Export the data in Reflect to an Excel file. You can Export Current View, which is all the rows you see on the screen (including those that may not fit onto the first page). You can also Export Selected, which only exports the rows you select by clicking a checkbox at the beginning of each row.
  2. Move that information into your favorite project management software OR create a Plan within MarketMuse where you can track brief orders and status. To do that you’ll need to:
    1. Open the Excel file.
    2. For Topics only, copy the topic in the Excel file and search for it in the All Inventory in MarketMuse. Right-click on the row that appears in the result and Add to plan > Topic.
    3. For Topic/Page pairs (updating a specific page for a certain topic), copy the URL in the Excel file and search for it in the All Inventory in MarketMuse.You’ll see one or more rows of topics associated with that URL. Right-click on the one that you want to update and Add to plan > Topic and/or URL pair.
Updated on May 30, 2023

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