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The Connect Application

Connect Application Overview

The Connect application provides automated linking recommendations and strategy based on the topic entered. This will be the topic of your article, the same one you used to gather data in the other applications.

There are four tabs, each holding different types of anchor text/link suggestions:

Internal – Links to content within your site.

External – Links to content on other sites.

Network – Links to content on other sites within your control.

Competition – Links to content on competitive sites.

Network and competition sites are set up in the Main Settings of MarketMuse.

How MarketMuse Determines Its Suggestions

MarketMuse builds its data model based on its analysis of thousands of web documents. It’s the same process as used in the other applications. 

For Internal and Network suggestions, Connect finds pages about topics from higher up the topic list. It uses these as anchor text suggestions since they are the most relevant.

For competitive anchor text, Connect finds quality pages about topics from lower down the topic list. They’re still relevant to readers, yet are not directly in competition with the subject of the article.

Using Suggestions From Connect

MarketMuse does its best to match a page on your website with the suggested anchor text. For smaller sites, it’s a little more challenging because there are fewer pages from which it can choose. Likewise when there isn’t any related content. So, if you’re not seeing good internal suggestions, it could be because you need to create more closely related content.

You’re not expected to use all the anchor text suggestions in your content. It’s an editorial decision only you can make. There are two ways of incorporating links:

  1. Decide ahead of time, before you start writing, which ones you want to use.
  2. After you’ve finished, while editing your work, pick which anchor text/link suggestions to implement.

For each anchor text you decide to use, you’ll want to evaluate which (of the 10 maximum suggestions) is the best link. The URL’s underneath each anchor text are sorted by relevance, so most often the best choice is near the top.

Also, at the top right of the screen you’ll see a group of buttons.


Export – Use the export button to quickly export your results page. The exported file is downloaded to your computer in a Microsoft Excel format. For more information click here.

icon snapshot

Snapshot – Snapshots are like browser histories, except they contain previous topic searches. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

icon settings

Settings – Change the URL box’s fetch to include the entire page or just the article itself. Also, toggle whether or not you want the scoring to include Brands and People’s names. Changing the country’s SERP is also available.

icon help

Help – Find out about product updates, leave feedback, and get product support.

enter a topic field YnY

Note: You can also change the country used for SERP analysis by clicking on the country flag appearing in the Enter a topic field.

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Updated on March 22, 2022

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