Connect offers a powerful linking strategy that’s good for both search engines and human visitors. It ensures building out of tight thematic clusters as all suggestions are based on our patented topic modeling technology.

Here are some highlights:

  • Up to 10 anchor text suggestion each for internal, external, network, competition.
  • Along with each anchor text we suggest up to 10 URL’s that match — determine which ones are most editorially relevant to each anchor text.
  • You’re not expected to use them all, providing you with a great deal of flexibility.
  • Anchor text for internal links comes from higher up in the topic model — they’re the most semantically relevant concepts.
  • Anchor text for external links comes from lower in the topic model — still relevant but more adjacent so you won’t be competing against them for the focus topic of your article.
  • You can add competitors to a list to ensure those links are never recommended – use Settings to make the exclusions permanent
  • Add domains to your network (temporarily within Connect or permanently within Settings) and we’ll give you link suggestions too. Use this when creating guest posts to get good linking recommendations for the site that’s publishing the post. Just put them in temporarily as a network site.
  • We’ll show you competitor pages as well in the Competition tab. This can give you some insight into what the competition is doing.
  • You can export also the results to an excel spreadsheet

How to Change the Network and Competitor Setting in Connect

Click on the gear (above the export button) to temporarily change the Competitor or Network sites. The changes will last until you refresh your web browser or sign out/back in again, after which they will return to the original settings.

Changes made here are only temporary. For permanent changes, click on the gear in the left navigation rail and select settings.

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Updated on August 9, 2023

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