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Exporting Data

You can export data from the Research, Compete, Connect, Newsroom, Questions, and Optimize applications if your plan permits. Press Export in the upper right corner to download a file in Microsoft Excel format.

export filename NXQ

Exported files are named using this format.

Only data that is accessed through the individual application is exported. Here are some examples of exported data.

Optimize Application

1612367219811 33A
Overview Tab
research related topic tab
Research – Related Topics Tab
research variants
Research – Variants Tab
compete tab
Compete Tab
heatmap tab
Heatmap Tab

Research Application

Research application export
Research Application

Compete Application

Compete application export tab 1
Compete Application Tab 1

compete application export tab 2

Questions Application

questions application
Questions Application

Connect Application

connect application export internal
Connect Application – Internal
connect application export external
Connect Application – External
connect application export competitor
Connect Application – Competitor

Newsroom Application

newsroom application
Updated on July 12, 2021

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