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Finding Your Quick Wins


In this workflow, we’re looking for quick wins on topics for which we have a decisive advantage; namely, those where we have high Authority, low Personalized Difficulty, yet have a weak ranking.

The basic workflow consists of these components:

  1. Filtering the inventory down to a manageable shortlist of candidates.
  2. Sorting that list by a key metric so that we can focus on the best opportunities.
  3. Examining each item to determine what action take (i.e. optimize the existing page or create new content)

In this example, the filter is set to Ranking > 7 AND Topic Authority > 20 AND Personalized Difficulty < 31. (This will show all of the topics in your inventory you can get quick wins on based on existing authority.)

The list is sorted by Unrealized Value in descending order (so we first see those topics with the most upside).

The list can be sorted on other criteria such as: 

  • Rank in ascending order to find topics you’re close to page 1 on. These are Striking Distance topics.
  • Authority in descending order to find the topics you’re at an advantage on.
  • Personalized Difficulty in ascending order to find your easiest wins.
  • Topic Volume in descending order to start with high volume opportunities.
  • Unrealized Value in descending order to start with the topics with the most upside.
  • Potential Value in descending order to find the overall most valuable topics to you.

Once you’ve determined the best course of action you can:

  1. Order a content brief.
  2. Start writing immediately.
  3. Add it to a plan for later follow-up by yourself or a team member.
Updated on July 9, 2021

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