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Finding Your Quick Wins

Here’s the process:

  • Go to All inventory create a new view with filters:
    • Personalized difficulty: less than 21
    • Rank: less than 21
    • Rank: greater than 3 (or 10)
    • Optional ways to further refine a large list:
      • Topic authority: greater than 10 or 30
      • Search volume: greater than 500 or 1000
      • Topic: exclude branded terms
      • URL: exclude irrelevant folders 
  • Look for:
    • Topics that don’t align perfectly with the page they rank for
    • Articles that could use small updates for that topic to make it more comprehensive and improve content score

You can modify the filter to remove:

  • Branded topics
  • Irrelevant folders
  • Many other possibilities

The list can be sorted on different criteria such as:

  • Rank in ascending order to find topics you’re close to page 1 on. These are Striking Distance topics.
  • Authority in descending order to find the topics you’re at an advantage on.
  • Personalized Difficulty in ascending order to find your easiest wins.
  • Topic Volume in descending order to start with high volume opportunities.
  • Potential Value in descending order to find the overall most valuable topics to you.
Updated on April 17, 2024

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