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Finding Striking Distance Topics

This workflow is similar to Finding Striking Distance Pages, but in this case, we’re looking at topics. Once again, “close” is a relative term, so you may need to adjust the parameters of our suggested filter.

  1. Click topics hi0in the left navigation bar.
  2. Sort by Topic Authority in descending order.
  3. Add a filter for Rank greater than or equal to 8 and less than or equal to 20. (Adjust these parameters to suit your needs). Optionally add a filter for Search Volume set to >= the lowest monthly volume desired.
  4. Move down the list using Personalized Difficulty to estimate the amount of content required to move a topic from striking distance to a higher position.
  5. Click on a row to explore that topic further.
  6. Click related pages pXYto see what page(s) are ranking for that topic.
    1. If there is one that you want to Optimize then click on it to open up a new Project for that page/topic combination.
  7. Clickstart writing 1hAto open the Optimize text editor or clickGet Optimize Briefin the left navigation bar.
Updated on July 14, 2021

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