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Tips for the New User

Each time Run/Fetch is pressed inside an application, a query is used. Queries reset each month.

To get the most out of those queries, read How To Identify the Best Focus Topic.

Take advantage of the free MarketMuse Academy. This training will provide you with a strong advantage when using the platform.

You can always check on previous queries you’ve used by clicking on Snapshots Snapshot icon in the top right of any application. These are your stored historical queries that you can refer to at any point in time at no cost.

The number of queries remaining for the month appears in the left-hand navigation panel. It shows how many have been used out of the total number available.

image 4

Allocated queries are reset each month. If you need more, press the Queries button to purchase additional queries. They are tracked separately since extra credits don’t expire and are used only when you exceed your monthly allocated credits.

Queries are updated every 30 days, the date indicated on the Query Balance pane, accessed via the left navigation bar after clicking the Credits/Queries button.

image 6
Updated on September 10, 2021

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