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Getting Started With MarketMuse

MarketMuse helps your entire content team create consistently better content, faster. Here’s how to get started quickly using MarketMuse.

This orientation video provides a brief overview of the MarketMuse platform:

  • Inventory for finding opportunities to optimize pages and create new content.
  • Applications for researching a topic, conducting competitive analysis, optimizing an existing page or creating new content.
  • Projects for keeping track of your activities, create content briefs, and saving your writing.
  • Where to find additional help

In this video, you’ll discover how to quickly identify pages to optimize and new content to create, using MarketMuse personalized metrics. You’ll learn how to turn this into a repeatable process through the use of Saved Views. We briefly cover metrics including Topic Authority and Personalized Difficulty so you can create plans that are easy to execute and have a high probability of success.

Here’s the Cheat Sheet.

This video leads you step-by-step through a process of evaluating and optimizing a page for a specific topic. They key here is that the page is aligned with the topic (search phrase) for which you wish to optimize the page. Here’s the Cheat Sheet.

Additional Resources

Getting Started With Competitive Content Analysis to understand how the top ranking sites structure their articles and how well your SERP competitors (or any competitor) cover a topic.

Getting Started Analyzing Your Own Content to apply the same process to your own site.

Getting Started With Keyword and Cluster Research will help in building your site up as a valuable resource of interconnected pages, telling the story of your expertise.

Updated on January 26, 2024

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