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Getting Started With MarketMuse

MarketMuse helps your entire content team create consistently better content, faster:

  • Our software gives content strategists personalized, objective insights so they can plan with confidence. 
  • Our AI-driven content brief process helps marketers efficiently create briefs that ensure writers produce consistently high-quality output. 
  • Our patented topic modelling technology helps writers create expert-level content every time.

Here are some ways to get started using MarketMuse.

Competitive Content Analysis

MarketMuse enables you to analyze competitive content both at the page-level and the site level. Use SERP X-Ray to understand how the top ranking sites structure their articles. Use Heatmap to determine how well your SERP competitors cover a topic. Even better, use Heatmap to analyze a specific site to see the extent of its topic cluster and coverage.

Getting Started With Competitive Content Analysis

Getting Started Analyzing Your Own Content

Creating Topic Clusters

If you’re responsible for content strategy, MarketMuse offers insights to make better and more objective decisions — both at the page level and the site level too.

Getting Started With Keyword and Cluster Research will help in building your site up as a valuable resource of interconnected pages, telling the story of your expertise.

Creating Content Briefs

Use MarketMuse to save time creating detailed content briefs. It’s a three step-process that requires ordering the brief, creating the sections, then reviewing and editing it before sharing the brief with your writer.

Start with Step 1 Ordering a Content Brief.

Researching an Individual Topic

Topic Navigator is where content marketers turn to better understand a topic before building out content. Topic Model, Keywords, and Questions provide lots of creative ideas while Reflect indicates if you’ve already covered those ideas.

Getting Started With Researching an Individual Topic

Writing and Optimizing

If you’re a writer, MarketMuse Content Briefs ensure you create high-quality content on the first draft and not the third rewrite. Our content briefs function as your roadmap, saving you research time and wasted conversations clarifying what’s expected. 

If your team uses MarketMuse Content Briefs, start with How to Use a Content Brief

While content briefs provide guidance on what to cover, Optimize provides immediate feedback on your coverage. Powered by our topic modelling technology that analyzes hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of pages — it determines the topics experts talk about when they discuss a subject.

Get started creating better content with Optimize Application Basics.

A Tip for Those on a Plan With Limited Monthly Queries

Using Snapshots in certain cases can reduce your query consumption. Refer to What is a snapshot?

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Updated on January 12, 2023

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