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Getting Started With MarketMuse

Welcome to MarketMuse! Wherever there is a need for written content, MarketMuse can help you make it better. All these types of content can benefit:

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • E-commerce pages
  • Home page
  • Landing pages
  • Podcast scripts
  • Press releases
  • Video scripts

This guide will help you quickly take advantage of everything the platform has to offer.

Getting Help

Help can be obtained via this knowledge base, in-suite chat, via emailing support@marketmuse.com, and the MarketMuse Academy, where you’ll learn to use MarketMuse like a pro. Press the ? located at the top right of the screen.

question mark

MarketMuse Basics

MarketMuse deals with what we call topics. If you have a keyword research background, you may want to read our article named Topic vs. Keyword to understand the important distinctions.

If you’re on the Standard, Free, or AppSumo plan, please check out our Self-Serve Tips.

Left Navigation Bar

The left navigation bar is where you access all of the different parts of the platform. 

image 7
The left navigation bar.

Click on the account name to access your inventory list (click on another one to switch)—click Settings to change settings for your account, company, and inventories.

image 8
The Inventory Switcher


The Dashboard is central command for all that’s content-related on your site. Use it to understand your content better and determine what new topics to write about, what existing pages need updating, what content should be deleted, and set priorities.

image 9
The Dashboard Button


image 10

There are three different views of your inventory:

  1. All is a combination of pages and topics.
  2. Pages shows all the published pages on your site.
  3. Topics shows all the topics in your inventory.

Each view is similar to a spreadsheet with rows of pages and/or topics, and columns of data. Each view can be customized. You can pin (freeze) columns, arrange the order in which they display left to right, and hide columns you do not wish to see.

Click here for more information on Inventory use and management.


This section goes over the different parts of the Projects section found on the left navigation bar.

image 11


All your plans are contained in this area of the platform. Each plan contains one or more inventory items that have been tagged with the same plan name. As with any content item, you can order content briefs and First Draft, set assignees and due dates, and review other data points.


This contains a list of all Content Briefs you have ordered including their status. A Content Brief is a document that compiles all the information a writer needs to quickly craft an expert-level piece of content. Use this space to check on the status of your orders and determine what needs attention.

First Drafts

Like Briefs, this contains a list of all First Drafts you have ordered including their status. Likewise, use this space to check on the status of your orders and determine what needs attention.

Saved Writing

This is where content gets stored when you press the Save to Inventory button when working on content using the Optimize application (see below).


The best way to research topics and to pick which application to use first is to understand what each application does and the differences between them. Click on the name of the application for more information.

  • Research is for beginning research on topics.
  • Compete shows you how well competitors are covering a topic.
  • Optimize is best for web pages that are already written or copy that isn’t published yet that you want to check. 
  • Questions shows what people are thinking about when searching for certain topics. It helps to understand the intent of those searchers better.
  • Connect provides both internal and external linking suggestions including anchor text.
  • Newsroom is a special addon application which provides daily updated news and trend information. Please contact sales if you would like this powerful addition to MarketMuse.

Read How To Identify the Best Focus Topic to quickly determine which topic to work on.

Updated on September 10, 2021

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