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Creating a Planning Document

The Planning Document is the second step in the Analyze » Plan » Brief workflow. It’s typically created when reviewing the Analysis Document that you previously created. At that time, you select from the recommended new Content Groups and page updates. However you can create a Content Plan directly, without creating an analysis document first.

Content plans include the recommended number of:

  • Pages to update, if any (along with topic and URL) 
  • New pieces of content to create

A Content Idea includes a title, target keyword, overview, funnel stage, points to cover, and related terms. It uses information from the Content Groups (selected in the Analysis Document) to generate one or more Content Ideas. Remember, these are not variations of one another but rather distinct ideas that share specific common traits.

Additional Content Ideas are included, giving you flexibility in choosing which ones you’ll use to meet the recommended number. Feel free to use them all, if you wish.

Creating a Planning Document Directly

Planning documents can be created directly from the left rail. That’s useful in the case where you don’t require an analysis. But you’ll need to provide the topic and domain. There are two types of planning documents:

  • Content Plans: A content plan lays the foundation for creating and expanding content clusters in an optimal manner. It helps answer the age-old question, “How many pieces of content should I create and what should I write about?” Detailed competitive analysis, combined with site and content inventory evaluation (where applicable) determines the recommended level of effort. Content ideas are organized within the cluster, based on common target personas, search intent, funnel stage, keywords, and questions.
  • Content Ideas: Provides content ideas using cluster themes and terms, and content groups. More of a brainstorming of all content angles and less supported by data than a content plan.

Whether you create your content plan directly or from an analysis document, this is where you choose the content ideas to turn into content briefs.

Updated on July 16, 2024

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