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Content Brief FAQs

What is a Content Brief?

A Content Brief is an outline that sets the direction of how an article covers a specific topic. Click to see an example.

How much does a Content Brief cost?

One credit per Content Brief. The credit will be automatically taken out of your account when you create a Content Brief yourself. If you order the Content Brief, it will be taken out when your order is confirmed. 

How can I get a Content Brief? 

There are two ways to get a Content Brief: 

  1. Create a Content Brief yourself. 
  2. Order a Content Brief and it will be built for you.

What’s the difference between creating a Content Brief and ordering one?

Creating a Content Brief gives you ultimate control over direction of the final product. You decide which subheadings to use and how many. The turn-around time to generate a brief is less than 30 minutes and you can edit the sections as you see fit. 

Order a Content Brief and we’ll decide on the subheadings (between 4 and 5). No editing is available and it may require up to 7 business days for delivery. 

How long does it take to receive a Content Brief?

A Content Brief that you create yourself takes less than 30 minutes to generate. Ordering a Content Brief that’s done for you may take up to 7 business days for delivery. 

How can I share a Content Brief? 

Each Content Brief has a shareable link that can be used by anyone without requiring a MarketMuse account. Locate your brief in the Reports list. Mouse over the entry, and a menu appears on the far right side of the item. Click on the link button to copy the shared link to the clipboard. 

Why do some topics have a green flag or a blue flag?

While editing a Content Brief, you’ll notice that some topics have a green or blue flag. The subtopics have green flags to denote that they belong to the topic model created for the article’s main subject. Section have topics to mention, some of which may have a blue flag. This indicates they are also found in the subtopics list. 

Why do some words in the Optimize tab text editor have a green highlight while others have a light blue highlight?

Green indicates that the term is found in the subtopic list (the list of topics related to the main subject of the article) of the Content Brief. Blue indicates the term is found in the topics to mention list in a section of the Content Brief. Use enough subtopics (green) to meet your Content Score. Use topics-to-mention to round out your article and potentially rank for more topics. 

Which are more important, words with a green highlight or those with a light blue?

Some terms in the editor may be highlighted and they are both important. Words with a green highlight contribute directly to your content score while words with a light blue highlight add depth to your article, enabling it to rank for multiple terms.

Updated on July 9, 2021

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