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The Questions Application

The Questions application discovers important questions your audience is asking, based on their intents, so you know what they’re looking for and what your content needs to answer. Use this to get a quick and comprehensive understanding of what audiences are currently thinking about, so you can get a jump start on topical ideation and content research avenues.

Enter a topic and press the Run button. MarketMuse will analyze a multitude of web documents to determine the most important questions.

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Press the Run in button and select another MarketMuse application if you wish to analyze this question further.

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Additional controls are located at the top of the application.

  1. Export – Exports all the data from the application (if your plan permits).
  2. SnapshotPolaroid z28 Stored historical queries that you can pull up and reference at any point in time.
  3. Advanced SettingsGear Ehs– Offers several advanced controls over how MarketMuse behaves.
    1. Control if MarketMuse pulls content from the entire page (including header and footer) or just the article.
    2. Include people in the topic model.
    3. Include brands in the topic model
    4. Set the target country from which search engine results are displayed.
  4. HelpQuestion yjEPress this to access our support hub where you can learn about this page, access MarketMuse Academy and learn to use MarketMuse like a pro, read our documentation, leave feedback, and chat with support.

You can also change the country used for SERP analysis by clicking on the country flag appearing in the Enter a topic field.

Updated on July 12, 2021

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