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top pages site value
Using Saved Views to find which pages have the most value as a percentage of the overall site value.

In this article, we are looking at top pages for value, looking to answer the question, “Which pages have the most value as a percentage of the overall site value?”

First, let’s set up a view for this in the Pages Inventory.

Use these data points

  1. URL
  2. Top Valued Topic
  3. Share of Site Value
  4. Value/Mo
  5. Value Delta
  6. Potential Value ($)

URL and Top Valued Topic help to recognize what the page is about.

Share of Site Value is the value of the page divided by the value of the site and expressed as a percentage.

Value/Mo – The value of a page is based on the value of all the topics for which it ranks. The value of a topic is based on our organic traffic estimate times the value-per-visit. 

MarketMuse uses cost-per-click as the default measure of value-per-visit. You can configure this based on how you measure ROI from organic traffic.

The organic traffic estimate is based on the search volume of a term, taking into account your current position in the search engine results plus any SERP features. For example, a term may have a monthly search volume of 1,000. But if there are many SERP features taking clicks away from organic results and you’re in the 10th position, the estimate of organic traffic will be a small fraction of the 1,000 visits.

Value Δ – Delta is represented by a triangle. The number, color, and arrow indicate the direction and amount of change from one period to the next. Typically this is monthly, depending on your plan.

Potential Value ($) takes the potential rank that can be achieved with some basic optimization work and use that position in our calculation of value. As your rank changes, so will your potential.

Sort by

  • Share of Site Value descending (highest to lowest)

Using this view

Use this view to quickly find high-value pages that you can investigate further to either update existing content or create additional supporting content. Sorting by Share of Site Value allows you to identify the most valuable pages as judged using this metric. The Value Delta column can alert you to any changes in value that may worth investigating.

Customizing this view

Apply a filter to reduce the number of candidates in the list, making it more manageable to review. That filter can be applied to any of the metrics (or combination of):

  • Share of Site Value
  • Value/Mo
  • Value Delta
  • Potential Value ($)

Depending on your preference, you may also wish to sort on one of these metrics, instead of the primary one (Share of Site Value).

Read Working With Filters to learn how to create filters.

Updated on January 26, 2024

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