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New Content — Most Traffic

Using Saved Views to find which content to create that will generate the most traffic.

In this article, we are looking at what content to create that will generate the most traffic.

First, let’s set up a view for this in the Pages Inventory.

Use these data points

  1. Topic
  2. Top Rank
  3. Potential Traffic
  4. Topic Volume
  5. Difficulty
  6. Personalized Difficulty
  7. Topic Authority

Top Rank – MarketMuse looks at all pages that rank for the topic and displays the highest one. “NR” is displayed if there are no ranking pages.

Potential Traffic is based on the potential rank and the topic’s search volume. Potential rank itself is calculated based on the current rank and personalized difficulty. Overall, it’s an estimation of how much traffic you could have if you were to optimize this page-topic pair.

Topic Volume is the monthly search volume for the term.

Difficulty measures how hard it is for anyone to rank for a topic.

Personalized Difficulty evaluates how hard it is for your site to rank (lower is better).

Read What is Personalized Keyword Difficulty and Why You Need It

Topic Authority is the difference between Difficulty and Personalized Difficulty and effectively indicates your competitive advantage.

Sort by

  • Topic Volume (highest to lowest) to focus on high-traffic topics. 

Using this view

Use the recommended filters and adjust the parameters as required to create a short list that you can realistically work with.

Click on topics of interest to view them in more detail. If you already rank you need to decide whether to update the existing content or create a whole new page (which is often most likely). Check the Related Pages to help with this decision.

When viewing the list of topics, you can right click to add a topic to a Plan. Open the plan later on and start working on those topics or assign them to someone else.

Customizing this view

Create a shorter list by applying this combination of filters:

  • Best Rank greater than 20 to find those topics where you either don’t rank or rank poorly. Often, poor rankings such as this are the result of an intent mismatch and usually the best approach is to create new content that better matches the intent.
  • Personalized Difficulty less than 35 to find those topics that require less effort to rank.

Read Working With Filters to learn how to create filters.

Updated on January 26, 2024

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