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Inventory And Customizing Views

(Inventories and Views are available in Premium and certain legacy plans.)

Inventory provides insight into the pages on your site, helping you understand their value, performance, and how to prioritize and plan on making improvements.

Inventory consists of the published pages on your site, and the topics you currently rank for, plus those for which you wish to rank.

You control how you view the inventory by pressing on one of the three views in the Left Navigation Bar under Inventory.

Inventory Left Nav Bar

Control Your Inventory View Three Ways

  1. All – This combined view shows all Page and Topic connections we have found on your site.
  2. Page – This view shows all the published pages on your site including the associated data points.
  3. Topics – This view shows all the topics associated with pages on your site, including those manually added to your inventory.

How to Configure Your View

Your page/topic inventory is presented in one table which you can configure according to your needs, rearranging the column order, pinning columns to the left side of the display, and hiding them.

  • Drag items in this list up or down to change their order of appearance from left to right.
  • Click on a pin to pin the column to the left side of the display. Blue pins are active and grey pins are not.
  • Click on a toggle to show/hide a column. Blue toggle means the column is visible, gray toggle means the column is hidden.

configure table

Note that each team member can configure their own views. Also, this same process is applicable to the tables seen in all Projects (Plans, Brief, Saved Writing). Read Customizing Your Views.

3. Filter

Click Filter to apply or create a filter that only shows inventory items based on a defined set of criteria.

Filter 00

Read Creating and Using Filters for details on how to create complex filters.

Show Archived Items

This special filter only shows items that have been previously archived. Show Archived Items

Press again to hide them.Hide Archived Items

Read Archiving Pages and Topics for additional information.

Add to Inventory

Clicking Add to Inventory reveals a window for entering a topic and/or page URL. Add to inventory 0TI

From here you may also upload a CSV file of multiple topics and pages.

Read Adding Items to Inventory for more details.

Right Click

Right-click on any row to open a contextual menu a number of options, depending on the current view (All, Page, or Topics)

right click contextual menu

Run-in application

This has a sub-menu showing all the applications on the platform. Select one to run the topic/page on any application available under your current plan.


You can archive a page, topic, or row (both topic and page). When archived, these items are hidden from normal view but may be seen by clicking on Show Archive Items.


Select from this submenu to copy the following information to the clipboard.

  • Topic Term
  • Page URL
  • Page Title
  • Shareable topic details link (links to the topic details card)
  • Shareable page details link (links to the page detail card)
  • Shareable project details link (links to the project details car)
  • Shareable brief link (links to a MarketMuse content brief, if one has been delivered)

Left Click

Left-clicking on a row opens the Project card except if you click on any of the following:

URL – Opens the URL in a new tab

Content Brief – If there is none, clicking on Get Brief opens an overlay where you can order a content brief.

Assignee – Click to change assignee. You can also manage team members from here.

Any Date Field – Click to change the date.

Updated on January 10, 2024

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