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Cluster — Underperforming

Cluster Underperforming
Using Saved Views to determine if a cluster is underperforming.

In this article, we use a Saved View to help find topic clusters with topics that have great potential value. We’re looking to answer the question, “Which cluster is underperforming?”

To do this we need to create a Saved View in the Topics Inventory.

Use these data points

  1. Topic
  2. Potential Value ($)
  3. Potential Traffic
  4. Topic Authority
  5. Difficulty
  6. Personalized Difficulty
  7. Top Ranking URL

Potential Value ($) is a theoretical value calculated using the Topic Volume (monthly searches) times the value-per-visit (CPC default).

Potential Traffic is based on the potential rank and the topic’s search volume. Potential rank itself is calculated based on the current rank and personalized difficulty. Overall, it’s an estimation of how much traffic you could have if you were to optimize this page-topic pair.

Topic Authority is the difference between Difficulty and Personalized Difficulty and effectively indicates your competitive advantage.

Difficulty measures how hard it is for anyone to rank for a topic.

Personalized Difficulty evaluates how hard it is for your site to rank (lower is better).

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Top Ranking URL is the URL of the page that ranks highest on your domain for that topic.

Sort by

  • Potential Value descending (highest to lowest)

Using this view

Enter the focus topic of your cluster in the search bar near the top of the screen. This will restrict the list to only those topics that contain the search term, effectively showing your cluster of topics that include the phrase.

Sorting by Potential Value ($) means that the worst performing topics will appear at the top of the list (the reason the have so much potential is that they’re performing poorly).

If your topic cluster is unusually large, try applying filters to further reduce the size to something more workable.

Customizing this view

Try these suggested filters to reduce the size of the list:

  • Apply a filter to Potential Traffic (greater than 1) to remove those extreme outliers both in traffic and value.
  • Apply a filter to Personalized Difficulty (less than 75) to remove any topics from the list that are too difficult to rank.
Updated on January 26, 2024

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