How to Create A First Draft

All MarketMuse First Drafts require a content brief as a basis. So before ordering a First Draft you’ll first want to:

  1. Order a content brief.
  2. Create sections within that brief.
  3. Review and edit the brief.

Creating a quality brief is key to getting acceptable results in First Draft. So take time to review these content brief tips.

If you order a First Draft without an existing brief, an order for a content brief will also be created, the First Draft status will change to Waiting on Brief while you create the sections, review and edit the brief.

Where to Order a First Draft

Ordering a First Draft can be accomplished in the following places on the platform:

1. Click Order First Draft, in the left navigation bar when inside of your First Draft inventory.

image 13
Order from your First Draft Inventory

2. Alternatively, you can click Order Content from within your Brief or First Draft inventory.

image 14
Click Order Content on the right side.

3. Or from Inside any Topic Project Card.

image 15
Click Get First Draft.

What Happens When You Order a First Draft.

A pre-filled order entry screen appears asking to confirm the order. The status of the brief changes to Confirmed.

image 16
Each First Draft costs 2 credits.

How to Find Your First Draft

Click First Drafts in the left navigation bar to monitor their status. Click on one of the status filters in the left nav bar, if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Click on an item where the First Draft status is Completed. This opens a Project Card. Click on First Draft in the left navigation menu to open First Draft.

Your new content appears in the right side. Drag paragraphs that you want over to the Optimize text editor and incorporate them in your content.

Updated on September 10, 2021

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