Topic Details

Topic Details is part of the Details View and contains four sections:

  • Planning and Statistics – to understand the value of this topic, your competitive advantage and how to approach the topic
  • Related Pages – to see which pages are ranking for the topic
  • Related Topics – to discover other related topics (pulls data from Research application)
  • Competitive Heat Map – shows how the competition covers the subject and uncovers opportunities to differentiate your content (pulls data from Compete application)

Planning and Statistics

This section contains seven cards providing basic information on the topic:

  • Traffic for this topic – an aid to targeting top-of-funnel, middle-of-funnel, and bottom-of-funnel traffic.
  • Potential for this topic – use this to help determine ROI on content and justify a content plan.
  • Difficulty – helpful for determining the amount of effort required to succeed in covering this topic.
  • Topic Intent Breakdown – to determine the intent behind searches on this topic and whether multiple intents exist.
  • Competition – to evaluate the quality of your content on this topic versus the competition.
  • SERP features – more help in determining how to approach creating content on this topic.
  • Seasonality Trends – assists with determining search volume trends and whether it’s cyclical or a steady change.

Traffic for This Topic

traffic for this topic topic details UKg

Volume is the total monthly search volume for the topic. 

Traffic is the estimated amount of monthly traffic your site receives from this topic, based on where your page appears in the search engine results page (SERP) and the appearance of SERP features, such as ads, which affect clicks (traffic) on organic results.

Total Site traffic for topic is the percentage of site traffic to which this topic contributes.

Total Site traffic is the total monthly traffic to your site.

Potential for This Topic

potential for this topic topid details 2cU

Value is the total value based on total search volume times the ROI calculation (default is CPC). See Traffic Value and ROI.

Realized is the amount of value realized based on topic traffic times the ROI calculation (default is CPC).

Unrealized is the difference between Value and Realized.

Share of page value from topic is the dollar amount that the traffic from this topic contributes to the page.

Total Page value is the dollar amount based on traffic from all ranking topics for this page.


difficulty 7tY

Topic Difficulty represents how hard it would be for anyone to rank for the topic.

Competitive Advantage is the advantage you have based on your authority for the topic. The width of the bar represents the amount. A green bar represents an advantage while a red bar represents a disadvantage.

Personalized Difficulty represents how hard it is for your site to rank for the topic. It’s the difference between Topic Difficulty and Competitive Advantage.

Topic Intent Breakdown

topic intent breakdown 2 DMU

This card shows the breakdown of different intents within the first page of the search engine results page (SERP). This card shows the primary intent plus up to three different possible fractures.

See Search Intent Breakdown.


comeptition 2 h8I

This shows the average Content Score and Word Count based on the top 20 results in Google, plus their respective target scores.

SERP Features

SERP features dO0

Any rich features that occur in the SERP are mentioned here.

Seasonality Trends FUk

A 12-month graph of search volume for the topic to help identify any seasonal trends.

related pages
Click to zoom.

An inventory list of pages that address the same topic. Use this to verify if and how the topic has been addressed in prior pages. This list contains all the data points found in the pages inventory. See Using MarketMuse Page Inventory Metrics (Cheat Sheet).

Data output received by running this page/topic combination in Research.

Competitive Heatmap

The output from running this page/topic combination in Compete.

Updated on May 2, 2022

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