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Get your planning features and all of your data around pages and topics in one easy interface. Details views have reflexive navigation that adjusts to the available information and allows you to dive deeply into the strategy around a particular content asset.

Access this view by clicking on an inventory row. The details view will be different depending on what you were looking at in your inventory:

  • All
  • Pages
  • Topics

Here’s a comparison of the details shown.

Details comparison IA
All, Pages, Topics sidebar

All three views have a shareable link for use with other teammates on the MarketMuse platform.


The Overview area of the detail page allows you to enter data around content operations (plan, due date, assignee, publication date, and description).

It also contains information cards on traffic for the topic and the Plus, the competition card tracks the content score and word count of your page/topic combination along with the average and target value.

Seasonality provides a 12-month chart of search volume so you can track seasonal changes in topic interest.

Topic Details

Primary Statistics provides basic statistics on the topic including some data found in the Overview, including Topic Traffic and Topic Potential, Topic Intent Breakdown, Competition, and Seasonality Trends. Personalized Difficulty and SERP features are found here.

Related Pages shows a table of pages that cover the same topic.

Related Topics shows the data output received if you were to run this page/topic combination in Research.

Competitive Heatmap is the output from running this page/topic combination in Compete.

Page Details

Primary Statistics includes basic page data such as a screenshot, its word count, page type, traffic, user intent, links, and authority.

Ranking Topics is an inventory list of topics for which the page ranks 1 to 100.

Non-ranking topics is an inventory list of topics associated with this page for which it does not rank (100+).

In-content Links shows all the links in your content. One tab (Internal) lists links pointing to other pages on your website. The other tab (External) shows links pointing to pages on other websites.


Get Create Brief or Get Optimize BriefClick on either to order the corresponding type of brief for this page/topic. If a content brief already existing, View Brief will also be present.

See How to Use a Content Brief.


Saved Writing Click to open up existing saved content within Optimize.

Updated on May 4, 2022

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