All About Variants

Variant topics are the different ways a topic can be expressed as a search query through the reordering of words and adding modifiers for specificity.

topic variants example PU

Variants are essential to:

  1. Understanding search potential through the volume of the synonyms.
  2. Surfacing different user intents.
  3. Building supporting content for cluster creation.

Two Types of Variants

Topic variants can be either short-tail or long-tail. Short-tail are referred to in this manner because the phrase tends to be short in length. These terms are characterized by: 

  1. Typically having a broad intent.
  2. Higher volume.
  3. Usually works as a foundation for a cluster.
  4. Higher likelihood of unqualified traffic.

“Photo editing software” is one example of a short-tail variant.

On the other hand, long-tail variants:

  1. Display more specific intent.
  2. Have lower search volume.
  3. Can support a cluster.
  4. Are more likely to bring of qualified traffic.

“Free photo editing software for Android” is an example of a long-tail variant.

Updated on July 14, 2021

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