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What Does MarketMuse Do?

MarketMuse helps create predictably better content for every stage of the buyer journey. 

Using AI to power our machine learning and artificial neural networks, our content intelligence platform analyzes millions of articles on-demand and uncovers gaps, empowering marketers to quickly craft high-quality content their audience loves and search engines reward.

MarketMuse empowers you across the entire content lifecycle.

Optimize — MarketMuse looks at your content and evaluates how well it covers the topic focus. MarketMuse Content Score accounts for proper usage of related topics in competitive pieces across the web. 

Research — The Research application provides a deep understanding of the topic and the related topics experts cover when discussing the subject.

Compete — Use the heatmap in compete to quickly identify content gaps and topic usage. Make your content stand above the crowd by addressing important topics others have missed.

Questions — The Questions application discovers important questions your audience is asking, based on their intents, so you know what they’re looking for and what your content needs to answer. Use this to get a quick and comprehensive understanding of what audiences are currently thinking about, so you can get a jump start on topical ideation and content research avenues.

Connect — Connect determines which internal links will help readers and improve search rankings.MarketMuse suggests highly relevant internal links and non-competitive high-quality external links most effective for the topic and your domain. Implement our linking suggestions to create content clusters and improve your domain authority.

Briefing — MarketMuse Briefs empower writers with reliable guidance and repeatable KPIs. We analyze the entire content landscape and use advanced topic modeling systems to create structured, detailed outlines.

Content Strategy — For MarketMuse Plus plans and higher. We use state of the art clustering technology to determine high opportunity pages within topics of interest. Advanced personal metrics bring greater predictability to content assessment and strategic planning. It’s an automated content audit, inventory, and planning solution.

Updated on May 4, 2022

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