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Getting Started With Researching an Individual Topic

Topic Navigator is great for keyword research, providing lots of inspiration — up to 3,150 ideas for any phrase. Plus, it instantly tells you if you have coverage against any of those ideas.

Enter a term in Research and it will return:

  • A topic model listing 50 semantically related topics and up to 50 variants for each topic (2,550 in total).
  • Up to 500 relevant keyword phrases.
  • Up to 100 questions that people are asking when searching that term.

These individual lists can be sorted, filtered, and exported to an Excel file. 

Reflect takes a look at these topics (that are in inventory) and checks if you’ve already covered them — returning the page, its ranking, Personalized Difficulty and Topic Authority. It also indicates instances where multiple pages cover the same topic, so you can dill down further for more insight.

Use the insight gained from Research to build out a page on that topic or even an entire cluster!

Updated on January 26, 2024

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