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Customizing Your Views

Team members can customize their own views of the data table. Each place the data table appears can also be customized.

MarketMuse stores and presents data in a table with views that can be customized by each team member. This data table appears in seven places on the platform; 

  • Inventory — All
  • Inventory — Pages
  • Inventory —Topics
  • Projects — Plans
  • Projects — Briefs
  • Projects — First Drafts
  • Projects — Saved Writing
inventory projects left nav bar qiI
The data table view can be customized wherever it appears.

How to Configure Your View

Your page/topic inventory is presented in one table which you can configure according to your needs, rearranging the column order, pinning columns to the left side of the display, and hiding them.

  • Drag items in this list up or down to change their order of appearance from left to right.
  • Click on a pin to pin the column to the left side of the display. Blue pins are active and grey pins are not.
  • Click on a toggle to show/hide a column. Blue toggle means the column is visible, gray toggle means the column is hidden.
configure table Cj8
Updated on July 9, 2021

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